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    Well-Being Solutions For the workplace

    Redefining Well-Being for Transportation

    The transportation industry is the backbone of the American economy but has one of the highest employee turnover rates. Espyr understands the problems facing the industry and offers custom solutions to care for the well-being of people who keep America going, reducing turnover, boosting productivity, and lowering recruitment and healthcare costs.

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    Built to Support Your People. Enhance Your Business.

    Espyr is transforming how you recruit, retain, and care for your drivers.

    Well-being solutions for the transportation industry
    Reduce Employee Turnover

    By keeping your employees and drivers mentally and physically healthy, your company will see a boost in productivity, lower turnover, reduced medical expenses and insurance premiums, and enhanced workplace culture. 


    Keep your transportation business moving with Fit to Pass
    Lower Recruitment & Healthcare Costs

    Through our driver-centric health and wellness program, Fit to Pass, you can save thousands of dollars per driver, eliminating the hassle of hiring and training new drivers unnecessarily. No more delivery issues, idle trucks, and shortage of drivers. Espyr's well-being solutions, including Fit to Pass, keeps your business moving.

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    Improve safety & compliance with Espyr
    Improve Safety & Reduce Risk

    Our professional and highly specialized team understands the driver lifestyle challenges and the strict requirements of the DOT and FMSCA. Our approach is to help drivers meet and keep their DOT certification so they can maintain their livelihood and health, and you can have a healthier, safer, and more alert fleet of drivers. 

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    Gulf RElay Invests in Driver Health & Wellness
    Fit to Pass

    Gulf Relay Sets the Pace for Driver Health & Wellness

    "We do all of this preventative maintenance for the truck but ignore the health of our drivers, and that’s the worst thing a company can do.
    One of Bob Perry’s analogies is, ‘How come you work on the engine of your truck and not work on the engine of your drivers? You have to have both.’ Do not ignore your driver’s health."

    – Andy Vanzant
    Chief Operating Officer at Gulf Relay

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    Driver health & wellness programs

    Solving Recruitment & Retention Challenges

    The trucking industry faces an enormous amount of challenges. Espyr delivers game-changing solutions for the transportation industry to help you overcome them, transforming how you recruit, retain, and care for your entire personnel. In addition to our well-being solutions, we deliver driver-centric health and wellness solutions to recruit and retain the best drivers.

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    Proven Well-Being Solutions for the Transportation Industry

    Espyr offers a wide range of complementary services designed for the transportation industry to enhance what you can offer your drivers and employees.

    Espyr offers a digital Cognitive Behavioral Therapy app to enhance your employee's well-being journey

    On-Demand Mental Health Support For a Resilient Workforce

    Meet Tess - Your Digital Mental Health Support Person with immediately available support and coverage at all times. Tess provides coping mechanisms, fosters emotional well-being and resilience, educates, and connects students and employees with valuable wellness resources. Tess is tested and was found to reduce anxiety and depression by 18% and 28%, respectively.


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    Your team's success starts with mental health and well-being. Connect with Espyr today to learn more about Espyr's suite of employee and driver well-being services to help your people reach their full potential.