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    Well-Being Solutions For the Campus

    Redefining Well-Being On Campus

    As students and faculty face a mental health crisis and counselors are in high demand, campuses are rethinking their approach and turning to Espyr. Campuses can now provide immediate access to well-being support and resources to reduce burnout, depression, and anxiety, and prevent serious issues from happening.

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    Built to Support Your People. Enhance Your Campus.

    Student Assistance Program
    Meet the Surging Demands

    Students, Professors, and Faculty seeking mental health support have dramatically increased. Our well-being solutions, such as our modern Student Assistance Program, are packed with modern approaches and ways for everyone on your campus to connect with licensed counselors, coaches, and resources to respond to, prevent, and improve everyone's well-being. 

    Espyr Helps with Student Retention
    Increase Student Retention

    Reduce the risk of decreasing graduation rates, enrollment, and academic success by empowering your students to manage their mental and physical health with Espyr. Happier students equal improved student retention rates.

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    Reverse Student Burnout
    Reverse Student Burnout

    Becoming a student at any age causes additional stress, including workload, financial burdens, and more. Espyr's full well-being suite meets your students, professors, and faculty where they're at to prevent issues from getting worse (and costly). Achieve a healthier culture with Espyr.

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    Is student mental health affecting graduation rates?
    Student & Employee Assistance Program for Your Campus

    Is Student Mental Health Affecting Graduation Rates?

    Don't let your students drop out or fail from their struggles. Download this guide to learn how student mental health is taking a toll on graduation rates and how to create an exceptional student experience so they can reach their full potential. 

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    Welcome to Campus Well-Being, Redefined

    We offer a wide range of complementary services to enhance what you can offer your faculty, staff and students including Freshmen well-being screenings and interactive Suicide Prevention. Below are our core services.

    Espyr offers a digital Cognitive Behavioral Therapy app to enhance your employee's well-being journey

    On-Demand Mental Health Support For a Resilient Campus

    Meet Tess - Your Digital Mental Health Support Person with immediately available support and coverage at all times. Tess provides coping mechanisms, fosters emotional well-being and resilience, educates, and connects students and employees with valuable wellness resources. Tess is tested and was found to reduce anxiety and depression by 18% and 28%, respectively.


    Consult with an Expert

    Your school's success starts with mental health and well-being. Connect with Espyr today to learn more about Espyr's suite of campus well-being services to help everyone reach their full potential.