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    LEAD™ (Leadership Excellence And Development)

    Develop Your Next Generation of Leaders

    What used to require expensive consultants can now be handled through LEAD — a leadership and development training program designed to cultivate leaders who'll take your team to the next level.

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    Foster a Unity of Purpose

    Your leadership team, and those who are on the way there will improve their communication skills, decision-making skills, and be better at aligning their people with your business objectives.

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    Access Top-Tier Training Resources

    All LEAD™ coaching sessions are conducted by professional coaches specifically trained in leadership development.

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    Create Actionable Roadmaps

    Members develop insights and understanding of their leadership potential and learn the steps needed to achieve their goals.

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    Build on Strengths & Opportunities

    LEAD™ includes a strength and opportunity assessment in order to provide a clear action plan.

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    Set Goals Higher, Achieve Further

    Goal setting exercises are key to stretch members to reach for loftier, yet still achievable goals.

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    Espyr to Be a Better Manager, Supervisor, and Next-Generation Leader

    LEAD™ is business education and training services namely, developing customized in-company leadership and executive development programs for your company. Espyr Executive Coaches public and in-company keynote presentations to business leaders. We also provide group coaching and in-person learning forums in the field of leadership development for your people.

    Your teams will have access to expert coaching, tools, and guidance to gain insights about themselves and your organization. Your leaders will overcome any barriers that may prevent them from reaching their full potential.


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    Turn Good Leaders into Great

    Espyr can develop your management team, with expert consultants, within your budget. Give the ultimate support for ultimate success.

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    of organizations believe it’s important to develop leaders at every level of the company.

    We Agree!

    Our leadership and development training makes it possible to do so.

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    of businesses have implemented leadership development at all levels.

    Stand Out Amongst Your Competition

    In order to attract and keep the best team members, you have to offer them something that others don’t. LEAD is what will differentiate you from others in your industry.

    83 %

    of companies say developing leaders is crucial.

    Leadership and Development Training Makes Development Easy

    A top challenge for CEOs is developing the next generation of leaders. LEAD removes this burden from your internal team, so all you’re doing is reaping the rewards of better, brighter future leaders!


    The Espyr Licensed Counselor was extremely helpful. I needed to talk things aloud and she was responsive, validated my feelings, and calmed my anxiety. I'm happy she happened to be the one to help me. She was friendly, caring, and understanding of my predicament, and offered great advice for my situation.

    Member / Espyr Client


    Immediate Support

    Talk to a qualified professional immediately. Simply make a call to our Licensed Counselors and talk through almost any troubling issue – personal or work-related.

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    The fact that we are entitled to 12 sessions through our benefits shows that our work cares about our well-being. Also, the Espyr counselor was great. Thank you for the help. It saved my marriage.

    Member / Espyr Client


    Connect with a Licensed Counselor

    Connect with a Licensed Counselor for help with any life issues, including your relationship or other life stressors. Quickly and easily get your issues addressed in person or via phone, text, or video call and additional resources to support your well-being. 

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    I am a 16-year OTR driver, and I just passed my DOT physical on 10/08/20 for two years after receiving a one-year card in 2019 due to a high blood pressure reading. All thanks to Fit to Pass! Now I’m able to keep America moving.

    Member / Fit to Pass Client

    Fit to Pass®

    Health Coaching

    Our health coaches elicit change when change is hard. We offer health coaching for all industries, including the trucking industry with Fit to Pass®. Our Fit to Pass solution is changing the game in how you recruit, retain, and care for your drivers.

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    Espyr's Daily Dose

    Keep up with all things mental health, wellness, and Espyr in our resources. From the connection between mental and physical health to supporting students battling suicidal thoughts, to helping an employee overcome an eating disorder, Espyr's Daily Dose is the place to find all the information you’re looking for. We’re here for you, so you can be there for them.

    Consult with an Expert

    Today’s leaders want to improve. Tomorrow’s leaders want to reach their full potential. LEAD does both! For more information on how LEAD can help your people achieve their full potential, contact us today!