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    Improve the well-being of your truckers

    Fit To Pass

    We are on a mission to improve your driver's health and cure the driver shortage crisis. Fit to Pass keeps your drivers on the road, and you save in your bottom line.

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    Transform How You Recruit, Retain, and Care for Your Drivers

    Espyr delivers driver-centric health and wellness solutions to guide and engage your drivers for real life-changing outcomes.

    Save in recruiting costs-1
    Reduce Recruitment & Retention Costs

    Fit to Pass allows you to keep your known drivers on the road rather than hire the unknown. Our Fit to Pass clients save over $8,000 for each driver they save.

    Keep your drivers on the road
    Keep Your Drivers on The Road

    Healthier drivers are more productive and miss less work. Our Fit to Pass coaches save drivers on the verge of medically disqualifying, so they can keep their livelihood.

    Retain happy employees
    Recruit a New Segment of Drivers

    By looking at your medically disqualified drivers, we help you 'rebuild' their known drivers and save costs from recruiting new drivers. 

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    William Everett Safety Director, Gulf Relay

    Gulf Relay Sets the Pace for Driver Wellness

    “We understand that drivers aren’t happy with how they are treated. At Gulf Relay, we are committed to changing that. Adding innovative programs to enhance the driver experience is the most recent example of that. With Fit to Pass, we are making driver’s health and well-being a priority.” William Everett Safety Director

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    What Drivers Are Saying About Us

    Robert Palm, Founder of Trucker’s Final Mile

    “I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and was shocked. With the help of Fit to Pass, I returned to the clinic after a few months and received a one-year certification."

    Michael Smith, Covenant

    "Health coach Stacy was extremely supportive, helping me prepare for the day of my DOT exam.  I have been very conscious of what I eat to help me maintain a healthy ...

    Candy Bass, Women in Trucking

    “I’ve been doing great since I started with Fit to Pass. I have gone from a size 16 to a size 14. Thank you so much for your help, Fit to Pass team!”

    Women In Trucking are

    Passionate About their Driver's Wellbeing

    The Women In Trucking Association (WIT) 's mission is to encourage women's employment in the trucking industry. They also happen to see the value in Fit to Pass and driver health, becoming a valuable partner in our cause. And we appreciate it. 

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    Star Rating

    Espyr health coaching is highly rated

    Our stats speak for themsleves

    Our health coaching has been very popular among users. In fact, we’ve earned an average rating of 4.7 stars (out of 5).



    vs. an average of 27 in the healthcare industry

    Espyr clients are happy

    In fact, clients are so satisfied with our services that they’re willing to recommend us to others – at a rate of over twice that of the rest of the healthcare industry.

    $ 507

    is the average healthcare cost savings per person who works with a health coach

    Save money, while they achieve

    Espyr puts money back into the business by supporting your people to espyr who they want to be.


    The Espyr Licensed Counselor was extremely helpful. I needed to talk things aloud and she was responsive, validated my feelings, and calmed my anxiety. I'm happy she happened to be the one to help me. She was friendly, caring, and understanding of my predicament, and offered great advice for my situation.

    Member / Espyr Client


    Immediate Support

    Talk to a qualified professional immediately. Simply make a call to our Licensed Counselors and talk through almost any troubling issue – personal or work-related.

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    The fact that we are entitled to 12 sessions through our benefits shows that our work cares about our well-being. Also, the Espyr counselor was great. Thank you for the help. It saved my marriage.

    Member / Espyr Client


    Connect with a Licensed Counselor

    Connect with a Licensed Counselor for help with any life issues, including your relationship or other life stressors. Quickly and easily get your issues addressed in person or via phone, text, or video call and additional resources to support your well-being. 

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    I am a 16-year OTR driver, and I just passed my DOT physical on 10/08/20 for two years after receiving a one-year card in 2019 due to a high blood pressure reading. All thanks to Fit to Pass! Now I’m able to keep America moving.

    Member / Fit to Pass Client

    Fit to Pass®

    Health Coaching

    Our health coaches elicit change when change is hard. We offer health coaching for all industries, including the trucking industry with Fit to Pass®. Our Fit to Pass solution is changing the game in how you recruit, retain, and care for your drivers.

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    Resources to Help Keep Your Drivers on the Road

    Keep up with all things mental health, wellness, and Espyr in our resources. From the connection between mental and physical health to helping a driver overcome an eating disorder, this is the place to find all the information you’re looking for. We’re here for you so that you can be there for them.

    Want to Foster A Healthier Culture?

    Taking care of your people isn't just a tagline for us, it's our Call-to-Action. Contact us today to learn more about health coaching and other well-being solutions for your organization.