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    Enhance Your Employees' Mental Health Journey


    Our solutions meet your people where they are in their well-being journey. Our comprehensive programs provide the highest quality of care so you can reduce turnover, improve employee engagement, and boost the wellness and productivity of your company’s culture.

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    Mental health and counseling support for the workplace

    Meet the Demands of Your People

    Well-being in the workplace is not something to leave to chance. Ensuring your employees are mentally and physically healthy will help keep your organization running smoothly and attract your industry’s best talent as you build for the future. Espyr is your key to investing in your employees’ well-being!


    Supporting employee mental health begins with proactively identifying those who may be struggling and addressing the issue before it worsens.

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    Scheduling a counseling appointment can be stressful, and for some, it's not required or it's a barrier to seeking help. TalkNow allows your people to speak to a licensed counselor immediately.

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    Your people can text, call, or video chat with a mental health professional or they can find resources on almost any topic they could be struggling with via our comprehensive and intuitive app.

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    Espyr Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

    Well-being in the workplace begins with being mentally well, and our smart upgrade to your traditional EAP makes it possible for you to provide this to your employees.

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    Espyr Student Assistance Program

    Students deserve mental health support during what is often a challenging and tumultuous period in their lives, and our Student Assistance Program makes this easy for you to provide for them.

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    Workplace Coaching

    Build a Healthy and Smart Culture

    Espyr offers professional coaching for almost every need. From health coaching to professional coaching, we empower your people to grow and excel through any challenge. See your people make lifestyle changes and your management team reach new heights. Espyr’s coaches can help every team member reach their full potential.

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    Your business needs to cultivate strong leaders to keep driving your team forward. Espyr's LEAD program offers executive coaching to emerging leaders so they can be and do their best.

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    Health Coaching

    Lifestyle changes aren’t easy, so Espyr offers health coaching to your organization so your people can reach their wellness goals. Our proactive approach helps keep healthcare costs down.

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    Fit to Pass

    Fit to Pass is a game-changing solution for the trucking industry, making it possible for your company to transform how you recruit, retain, and care for your drivers.

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    Put Mental Health on The Company Agenda

    Espyr offers several well-being and mental health consulting programs for organizations like yours, each of which is easily customized to meet the specific needs of your team.

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    Mental Health Consulting

    This training program teaches your organization’s leadership about different mental health issues, including how to respond in a supportive manner and the best way to address workplace issues.

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    Well-Being Screening

    High-stress industries conduct periodic well-being screenings to identify employees who mentally struggling, so they can receive appropriate care before it gets worse.

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    Consult With an Expert

    Espyr’s offered solutions include both those that directly help your team members or students, as well as consulting services that focus on enabling your leadership team to support and nurture the wellbeing of those around them. Supporting employee mental health is one of the most important jobs of your leadership team. It’s time you learn more about what we can do to help you help your employees and students.