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    Well-Being Solutions for the Workplace

    Redefining Well-Being for Healthcare

    Espyr goes beyond traditional support to address the needs of nurses, doctors, and all hospital staff professionals to reach their full potential.

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    Built to Support Your People. Enhance Your Business.

    We know that being in the healthcare industry comes with an abundance of challenges, so we provide programs and services designed specifically to support the well-being of healthcare workers.

    employee assistance program for healthcare workers
    Improve Your Employee's Well-Being

    We deliver proactive and preventative programs and services designed specifically to support the well-being of healthcare workers resulting in compassion-driven and evidence-based results. 


    manager training for healthcare managers
    Professional & Personal Growth, Multiplied

    It’s not just about good mental health. Our training, coaching, and development services help your managers evolve to be the best, allowing your organization to reach its full potential. 

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    Reduce employee burnout with Espyr
    Reduce Employee Burnout

     It’s no secret that healthcare has higher burnout, turnover rates, and health issues. Espyr's full workplace well-being suite meets your employees where they're at to prevent issues from getting worse (and costly). Achieve a healthier culture with Espyr.


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    employee assistance program for hospitals

    Go Beyond Traditional Support

    With burnout at an all-time high, supporting your healthcare workers and their mental health is more important than ever. Espyr’s suite provides a comprehensive and holistic solution for companies that want engaged, happy, and less-stressed employees, so your business can reduce turnover, boost productivity, and enhance workplace culture. 

    Our engagement rate is above and beyond the industry standard. In fact, 4-6% is the typical engagement rate with a traditional EAP. Our approach ensures high engagement to take the heavy lifting off of you.   


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    Welcome to Workplace Well-Being, Redefined

    Built for the healthcare industry - We offer resources and immediate access to help for a more productive, happier, and healthier workforce.

    Espyr offers a digital Cognitive Behavioral Therapy app to enhance your employee's well-being journey

    On-Demand Mental Health Support For a Resilient Workforce

    Meet Tess - Your Digital Mental Health Support Person with immediately available support and coverage at all times. Tess provides coping mechanisms, fosters emotional well-being and resilience, educates, and connects students and employees with valuable wellness resources. Tess is tested and was found to reduce anxiety and depression by 18% and 28%, respectively.


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    Your team's success starts with mental health and well-being. Connect with Espyr today to learn more about Espyr's suite of employee well-being services to help your people reach their full potential.