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    Proactively Support Your Employees

    Employee mental health support shouldn't be a guessing game — and your people shouldn't have to wait for quality care. Realyze® is a mental health program that helps you proactively identify which employees need the most support, so you can connect them with the right resources and care at every step.

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    Proactive Mental Health Care for Those Who Need it Most

    Utilizing data analytics from personal assessments, your organization’s human resources department, and information from healthcare claims (with member opt-in only), Realyze® determines at-risk members and gets them the help they need with their own Licensed Counselor.

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    A Proactive Solution

    Realyze® addresses mental health problems early on, before they escalate, thereby reducing disruptions to your workflow.

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    Better Outcomes & Improved ROI

    You can identify high-risk team members before their issues grow more difficult and more costly to treat, then provide them with customized treatment options, ensuring better outcomes.

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    Hard Numbers, True Risk Factors

    Take action based on reliable data and insights gained from mental health assessments for employees. This is data-driven, actionable information. 

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    Help When They Need it

    Realyze® gives employees the ability to communicate with licensed counselors almost immediately; no appointment is required.

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    Your personal guide (Licensed Counselor) for the best mental health support

    Your Personal Guide is a Realyze® Guide

    No one should have to tackle their mental health challenges on their own. We make it easy to provide employee mental health support for your most at-risk people with a Realyze® Guide. These trained professionals ensure that employees are connected with the most appropriate care in a way that is accessible and immediate. Each Realyze® Guide also keeps members on track throughout treatment by providing the emotional support they need to turn the corner on their current struggles.

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    Don't Let Your People Become a Statistic

    Espyr can help solve your people's issues before they become a problem, or get worse. Give the ultimate support for ultimate success.

    20 %

    of adults will experience a mental health crisis in any given year

    They Need Your Help

    It's not a matter of whether a mental health crisis will affect your organization; it’s a matter of which employee will be affected and when.

    56 %

    will not seek treatment

    Don’t Assume They’ll Talk

    Over half of the employees suffering won’t come forward on their own due to stigma, fear, lack of knowledge, or simply not knowing where to begin.

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    The Cost of Healthcare for a Depressed Person

    Depression is Costly

    Your organization will spend double the amount on healthcare costs for a depressed person when compared to an employee not suffering from depression symptoms.

    $ 3.00

    Saved Per $1 Invested in Realyze®

    Spend a Little, Save a Lot

    For every dollar you invest in evidence-based programs such as Realyze®, you’ll save $3 in total healthcare costs. That’s savings anyone can support!


    The Espyr Licensed Counselor was extremely helpful. I needed to talk things aloud and she was responsive, validated my feelings, and calmed my anxiety. I'm happy she happened to be the one to help me. She was friendly, caring, and understanding of my predicament, and offered great advice for my situation.

    Member / Espyr Client


    Immediate Support

    Talk to a qualified professional immediately. Simply make a call to our Licensed Counselors and talk through almost any troubling issue – personal or work-related.

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    The fact that we are entitled to 12 sessions through our benefits shows that our work cares about our well-being. Also, the Espyr counselor was great. Thank you for the help. It saved my marriage.

    Member / Espyr Client


    Connect with a Licensed Counselor

    Connect with a Licensed Counselor for help with any life issues, including your relationship or other life stressors. Quickly and easily get your issues addressed in person or via phone, text, or video call and additional resources to support your well-being. 

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    I am a 16-year OTR driver, and I just passed my DOT physical on 10/08/20 for two years after receiving a one-year card in 2019 due to a high blood pressure reading. All thanks to Fit to Pass! Now I’m able to keep America moving.

    Member / Fit to Pass Client

    Fit to Pass®

    Health Coaching

    Our health coaches elicit change when change is hard. We offer health coaching for all industries, including the trucking industry with Fit to Pass®. Our Fit to Pass solution is changing the game in how you recruit, retain, and care for your drivers.

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    Espyr's Daily Dose

    Keep up with all things mental health, wellness, and Espyr in our resources. From the connection between mental and physical health to supporting students battling suicidal thoughts, to helping an employee overcome an eating disorder, Espyr's Daily Dose is the place to find all the information you’re looking for. We’re here for you, so you can be there for them.

    Be Proactive About Your People's Mental Health

    A mental health emergency won’t wait. Give your employees the ability to address a small mental health concern before it becomes something more serious for them, and more costly for you.