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    A New Era of Wellness

    We are Passionate, Innovative, and Experienced

    Over the last 30 years, times have changed and so has the way we work. We reinvented employee well-being services with a leading-edge, holistic approach.

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    A Holistic Approach to Organizational Wellness

    Leading companies understand how mental health issues can impact the entire organization, from productivity to employee happiness to business performance. Mental health issues can even exacerbate chronic physical conditions, driving healthcare claims costs more than most businesses realize. The Espyr continuum of care is a holistic approach to organizational wellness that addresses these issues from all angles, helping companies who have adopted a progressive and proactive view of care for their people and their bottom line at the same time.

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    Our People Help Your People

    Espyr’s 30 years of experience have taught us one thing: people matter. The best organizations work hard to attract and retain the best people — then empower them to do their best work. We practice what we preach and have used these principles to build a robust provider network with the best coaches, mental health counselors, and consultants. Our clinicians have a master’s degree or higher, our coaches are licensed and certified, and all are highly trained in their fields and ready to use their experience to help you unlock all that you Espyr to.


    Our Journey

    Espyr has been helping employees, students, and organizations for more than 30 years. We started by offering Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs). As times changed, we evolved to offer our clients more services, and their people more care.

    Our Values

    At Espyr, we’re driven by connection and compassion. To ensure these concepts are always our driving force, we hold ourselves to high standards and guide ourselves by our uncompromising core values.

    One Team - Espyr
    One Team

    We are one team, collaborating, supporting, and sharing a common dedication to serving our clients and achieving the mission of our business.

    Service - Espyr

    We are entrusted with the care and well-being of all who contact us for help, and we engage all with the highest level of confidentiality, compassion, and service with which we ourselves would expect.

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    We continually deliver new and creative ways to enhance the success of our clients and the work environment for our employees.


    Among our staff and with our clients, we hold ourselves to the highest moral and ethical standards, operating candidly, honestly, and transparently.

    Rewarding Work Environment at Espyr
    Rewarding Work Environment

    We are committed to providing a satisfying and dynamic work environment characterized by professional stimulation and growth, mutual respect and support, diversity, equity, inclusion, and a sense of common purpose.

    Espyr Team

    People Matter. Meet Ours.

    At Espyr, we’re driven by connection and compassion. Our team is made up of experienced, passionate members from a diverse range of backgrounds who are committed to revolutionizing the way organizations care for their employees.

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    You're in good hands. We cover over 2 million members and their families across more than 6,500 organizations. Espyr® provides accessible and welcoming ways for people to get the support they need when they need it. Our clients benefit from higher engagement, reduced healthcare costs, and happier people.