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    Well-Being Solutions for the Workplace

    Redefining Well-Being for Construction

    The high-stress and demanding work of the construction industry is leading to record employee turnover, increased burnout, and skyrocketing healthcare costs. Invest in your people with Espyr and give them the care and support they need to prevent mental and behavioral issues so you can reduce turnover, boost productivity, and decrease healthcare costs.

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    Built to Support Your People. Enhance Your Business.

    Comprehensive well-being solutions designed for the construction industry.

    Well-being solutions for the construction industry
    Get to the Root of the Problem

    By proactively keeping your employees mentally and physically healthy, your company will see a boost in productivity, lower turnover, reduced medical expenses and insurance premiums, and an enhanced workplace culture. 


    Prevent & Manage Crises with Espyr
    Help Prevent & Manage Crises

    Espyr Clinicians are on standby to manage emergencies and dire situations with our pre- and post-critical incident response trainings, unlimited consultations, and immediate counseling for traumatic events.

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    Imrpove Employee Turnover
    Reduce Employee Turnover

    Your employees are your business’s most valuable asset. Invest in your people and give them the care and support they need when they need it.

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    EAP for construction

    Go Beyond Traditional Support

    A dangerous work environment, suicide risks, substance use, and more can be common in the construction industry. Espyr’s suite provides a comprehensive and holistic solution for companies that want engaged, happy, and less-stressed employees.

    Our engagement rate is above and beyond the industry standard. In fact, 4-6% is the typical engagement rate with a traditional EAP. Our approach ensures high engagement to take the heavy lifting off of you.   

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    Welcome to Workplace Well-Being, Redefined

    Built to address the needs of the construction industry, Espyr offers resources and immediate access to help for a more productive, happier, and healthier workforce.

    Espyr offers a digital Cognitive Behavioral Therapy app to enhance your employee's well-being journey

    On-Demand Mental Health Support For a Resilient Workforce

    Meet Tess - Your Digital Mental Health Support Person with immediately available support and coverage at all times. Tess provides coping mechanisms, fosters emotional well-being and resilience, educates, and connects employees with valuable wellness resources. Tess is tested and was found to reduce anxiety and depression by 18% and 28%, respectively.


    Consult with an Expert

    Your team's success starts with mental health and well-being. Connect with Espyr today to learn more about Espyr's suite of employee well-being services to help your people reach their full potential.