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    Workplace Coaching Solutions

    Unlock Your Full Potential with Workplace Coaching

    Espyr Coaching helps individuals, teams, managers, and executives achieve their goals and take their performance to the next level. Espyr empowers minds, drives results, and unleashes a full potential mentality.

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    The Impact of Workplace Coaching

    Workplace coaching and Espyr's diverse offerings deliver your organization a tailored approach to addressing the multifaceted needs of all levels of your workplace. Foster a culture of innovation, commitment, and continuous improvement with Espyr Coaching.

    Goal Achievement
    Goal Achievement

    Drive employees toward personal and professional goals to foster a positive and fulfilling life and work experience, resulting in stronger business success. 

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    Enhanced Leadership

    Develop strong, confident leaders within your organization to ignite team collaboration, motivation, and strategic thinking. 

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    Talent Retention

    Nurture a pipeline of effective leaders, engage and retain top-performing employees, and foster organizational growth. Establish a culture of longevity and employee commitment.  

    Coaching for Workplace Well-Being

    Coaching is a dynamic, versatile, and integral part of a comprehensive workplace well-being solution, with distinct approaches that address four major pillars of professional and personal development - Life, Health, Management, and Executive

    Espyr Coaching
    Workplace Coaching from Espyr
    Which Coaching Works for You?

    From Unlocking Individual Potential to Fostering Resilient Teams

    Within the workplace well-being benefits landscape, workplace coaching has emerged as a high-impact solution for building resilient teams. With various modalities addressing diverse aspects of professional and personal development, explore the distinct types of workplace coaching—Life coaching, Health coaching, Management coaching, and Executive coaching. Understanding the differentiators and benefits is pivotal for organizations aiming to provide targeted support for their employees to empower organizational growth.

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    Coaching by the Numbers

    According to the International Coaching Federation and the Manchester Review:

    99 %

    of life coaching recipients are satisfied with the experience

    63 %

    of leaders who received coaching reported improved teamwork and increased job satisfaction.

    5.7 x

    return on investment for organizations that utilized Executive Coaching

    You're in Good Company

    The coaching service provided through my Employee Assistance Program (Espyr) was fast and easy to access. Even better, they paired me with an excellent coach who helped me work through a specific issue at work. [My Coach] listened to my issues, asked great questions that helped me reflect on my behavior and choices, and suggested tools I am able to practice in other situations. I'm really thankful to have this sort of support available.

    Coaching Member / USDA Forest Service

    "I'm really thankful to have this sort of support"

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    [My Coach] has been very helpful during my health coaching appointments; I am very grateful for her wise knowledge. In this topic I have been struggling with weight for a very long time after the appointment and active duty with the Coast Guard and she has been very understanding and very supportive throughout my whole experience I am very thankful for her and how [the EAP program] handled my request.

    Coaching Member / US Coast Guard

    "Very supportive"

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    [My Coach] was great. I really enjoyed working with her. She was able to motivate me to get back to working out and take steps to improve my diet. We also talked about ways to improve my mental health by reducing screen time and focusing on better sleep. I am looking forward to working with her over the next year to achieve my health goals.

    Coaching Member / USDA Forest Service

    "Achieving my health goals"

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    Keep up with all things mental health, wellness, and Espyr in our resources. From the connection between mental and physical health to supporting students battling suicidal thoughts, to helping an employee overcome an eating disorder, Espyr's Daily Dose is the place to find all the information you’re looking for. We’re here for you, so you can be there for them.

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