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    The Ultimate Guide to Employee Retention

    Download your free guide

    Studies have shown that employers who offer mental health and well-being benefits—and create safe, supportive spaces at work—often experience higher employee engagement, loyalty, and job satisfaction rates.

    Download this guide to learn short and long-term retention strategies and how to put preventative measures into place to keep your employees for good.

    In this guide, you will discover:

    • How much it costs your business if you keep losing your good workers
    • What are the factors that contribute to employees packing their bags for good
    • The resources and policies you need to implement to retain your number one asset

    Download your free guide

    employee retention stat

    Employee Exit: The Financial Cost to Your Business

    About eight in 10 employees say they would consider quitting their current position for a job that focused more on employee mental health.


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    Our health coaching has been very popular among users. In fact, we’ve earned an average rating of 4.7 stars (out of 5).


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    Vs. an average of 27 in the Healthcare Industry

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    Our clients are so satisfied with our services, in fact, that they’re willing to recommend us to others – at a rate of over twice that of the rest of the healthcare industry.

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    Engagement rate vs. an average of 4-6% from traditional EAPs

    Espyr Clients are Engaged

    Through easy and flexible entry points, we meet your employee or student on their terms. Proactiveness, prevention, and participation set us apart from the rest. 

    92 %

    of members say we’ve helped solve their issues

    Our Members are Getting the Best Help Possible

    Our compassion-driven outcomes stem from a strong provider network. We continue to expand and evolve our network to work better for all members, ensuring better outcomes and a positive member experience.

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