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    Clinician stress is a significant and widely prevalent issue in healthcare. It’s an issue that can affect patient safety, negatively impact the patient experience and increase the cost of care.   And that doesn’t take into account the physical and mental health problems caused by stress and burnout on clinicians themselves.

    Stress and stress related health issues affect all clinicians, but in many respects nurses may have it the worst.  In one survey, 60% of nurses said that they had suffered physical or mental health problems in the past year as side effects of work related stress.  In another survey, among those who quit the profession, 26% claimed stress was the reason.

    Beyond the health implications for patients and nurses, stress affects nurse’s morale, job satisfaction, and job retention.

    Solutions to stress and burnout among nurses require a multi-pronged approach focusing on stress reduction, stress management techniques and the development of resiliency or healthy coping skills.

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    To learn more about how to improve nurse’s well-being, whether you are a clinician, Chief Nursing Officer or an HR manager focused on the health and well-being of hospital clinical staff, join us for an informative webinar series on Supporting the Health and Wellness of Nurses. The first webinar, Clinician Well-Being, will be held on Feb. 19 from 1:00PM – 2:00PM EST.  The second webinar in the series, Balancing Patient and Clinician Needs in the Workplace, will be held on Feb. 26 from 1:00PM – 2:00PM EST.

    The webinar series features an illustrious panel of subject matter experts:

    Cathy Ward, PhD – former UCLA Medical Center Chief Nursing Officer

    Dr. Julie Becker, BSN, MBA, DBA – Chief Experience Officer for RCCH Healthcare Partners, formerly Chief Experience Officer for Lovelace Women’s Hospital and former Director of Patient Experience for University of Wisconsin Health

    Michael Rogers – Manager Employee Retention, MidMichigan Health

    To register for the webinar click here.

    Espyr is a leader in behavioral health.  We’ve worked with a variety of healthcare companies, first responders and other organizations that have employee populations operating in high-stress positions. To learn more how we can help your organization, call us at 888-570-3479 or go to


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