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    Today we're spotlighting Gulf Relay and how they've shifted their culture to health and wellness, keeping their drivers happy, healthy, and engaged. 

    We're excited to share a success story from one of our clients, Gulf Relay. Andy Vanzant, COO of Gulf Relay, was eager to share the details of how Fit to Pass has made a successful impact on their business. Gulf Relay understands that preventative vehicle maintenance is a given in the trucking industry—but knows firsthand how important it is to take care of the ones behind the vehicles.

    Many carriers are unaware of just how many of their drivers they’re losing to medical disqualification and loss of a DOT medical card and the costs it has on the trucking business. Beyond that, many carriers are unaware of just how easy it is to get drivers back on track and keep them healthy so they can stay on the road turning and earning for longer. With a minimal investment and a slight adjustment to company culture, carriers can take advantage of a “preventative maintenance” mindset regarding their drivers, which can transform their business and help build a foundation for growth.

    We’ve written before about the importance of preventative maintenance for commercial truck drivers – maintenance makes sense for rigs and other important equipment, so it should make just as much sense to be proactive in caring for your most important asset – your drivers.

    Gulf Relay understands the importance of driver health and has committed to making health and wellness an integral part of company culture. The Fit to Pass team is proud to be part of their journey.

    Read the full success story below!

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