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    ATLANTA, April 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — In response to the rapid escalation in COVID-19 related mental health issues, Espyr, an industry leader in mental health solutions, will begin offering its highly effective iResolve tele-mental health solution to help employers provide immediate support for employee mental health issues. iResolve was previously only offered to Espyr clients as part of a comprehensive Espyr EAP program.

    People in all walks of life – from first responders, healthcare workers and other essential businesses to those enduring quarantine induced social isolation – are suffering a mental health drain as a result of COVID-19.  Fear of catching the virus, spreading it to friends and family, anxiety over the prospect of job losses or furloughs and concerns over evaporating retirement accounts are all contributing to unhealthy levels of stress, depression and even suicidal thoughts.

    The explosion in the incidence of mental health issues unleashed by COVID-19 has overwhelmed some mental health providers, while many others lack the capability of providing the immediate counseling that iResolve offers.

    iResolve is different than traditional counseling

    Unlike traditional counseling, which requires members to wait for an appointment and travel to a counselor’s office multiple times, iResolve provides users with immediate telephonic access to clinicians who can help address their issues now, in one call. No appointment, no waiting.

    Users of iResolve are more likely to say they would recommend the service to a friend or colleague than traditional in-office counseling sessions.  iResolve’s Net Promoter Score of 61 far exceeds the healthcare benchmark of 48, reflecting user satisfaction in iResolve.

    “The longer the pandemic lasts, the more pronounced the effect will be on mental health, and for employers, the greater the impact on productivity, morale and absenteeism.  This is not just a viral pandemic, it’s a mental health pandemic as well,” stated Espyr CEO, Rick Taweel.  “With iResolve employers now have a proven, immediate and low cost way to support their employee’s mental health needs.”

    About Espyr

    Espyr has been helping employees achieve and maintain good health – so they can perform their best – for 30 years.  Clients in the most challenging occupations rely on Espyr’s industry leading Behavioral Health Coaching and Assistance Programs to maintain employee health and well being.  For more information contact Jeffrey Joo at 888-570-3479 or

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